Wednesday, October 26, 2011


a very good friend of mine posted a link to my blog in her blog, so now i'm feeling obligated to keep this thing updated! work did this horrible thing it does where it picks up and doesn't give me a chance to think. so now i'm taking a thinking moment by force, whether or not it's here. because i think i read somewhere that it's more productive to take mind breaks throughout the day than to charge forward and get decision fatigue without a break.

anyway, there's news! i'm PREGNANT! at 14 weeks now, thane & i go tonight to hear baby's heartbeat for the first time. i've got an itty bitty baby bump in progress, and it's really interesting that my body is forming a baby without my help at all! i mean, i'm eating healthy stuff, and i'm exercising (if dancing like a fool at a Hanson concert last week counts, which i think it does). but i'm not thinking, ok, let's get to work on those eyelids! or tonight while i sleep, i think i'm going to form some vocal chords and maybe get a kidney if there's time. it really is a miracle.

all this to say, i'm definitely still in the office, and even though i dream at night about being a stay-at-home mom, it's just not in the picture right now. and i'm ok with that. i trust that God will provide thane with an awesome, high-paying job if we need loads of money and a lazy abby. we'll see.

feels good to be back. who knows? maybe i'll start up a baby blog..

Friday, March 4, 2011

a walking adventure

yesterday, i took a walk during my lunch break. it was a good walk to the boundary of my office complex. exercise and exposure to sun were desperately needed. but, because that wasn't enough of an adventure, i decided today to walk past the office complex. i like adventures, and i think you do, too, if you're reading this. i i'll tell about about my amazing lunchtime walking adventure.

when walking to the end of the office complex, i noticed again (i had noticed it yesterday, too) the train track that runs up a little hill, parallel to the office buildings. so i walked up onto the tracks to see what i could see. and what did i see but a path! a paved path that ran through a little wooded area behind some huge houses. so, of course, i followed it. houses in wayne are HUGE. and at least a few of them have dogs. the fun part was imagining that i was walking into narnia or some other magical world. or imagining the fun conversations i could have with the people who live in these huge houses.

about 15 minutes after finding the path, the alarm on my phone went off, telling me that it was time to turn around and get ready to rejoin reality. of course, as my phone started ringing, i came upon a sign on my path that said that it was a restricted area or no trespassing or something like that. so i had to turn back. but now i'm really interested to find out what lies beyond that sign!

by request, an update

because i love my sister, and because i can't resist a requested update, a few fun quotes from the last week or so:

"we need to know how, where, how and when."

"we have some backpaid bills that has not yet been paid by you guys."

"it's a whole bunch of numbers followed by the letter six."

"So, you know, it does get taken out on a basis."

"All of the notes we have are kept."

"They’re on the west side of the coast.”

and my favorite recent quote:

"Generally, that's impossible, but..."

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


aaand i'm back!

and i'm in a whole new state of mind called simplicity. i've been reading blogs such as Becoming Minimalist, Small Notebook, SimpleOrganic, and Zen Habits (and, of course, all of the other similarly-minded blogs branching off from those listed). so i've changed the look of this blog back to its minimalistic state (let's see how long this lasts), and i'm moving into a more purposeful stage of life -- one where i don't get bogged down in the stress of things that don't matter. anxiety is so 2010. it's a new year!

and i've discovered a new favorite website. similar to MLIA, but better! HERE it is!

and i just saw Inception for the first time last night. so well done! and here is my favorite post so far:

Dear Martin Luther King, Jr.,

I have a dream within a dream within a dream within a dream... Now what?
Leonardo DiCaprio